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Upgrading Controller Software on YRC1000 and YRC1000micro



  • Mike Ondrasek

    Document is not clear of controller type.  This shows YRC1000 WITH standard programming pendant.  It could also be used with YRC1000micro WITH standard programming pendant with the exception of the Cycle Power button appearing on the pendant when the upgrade is complete.  On the YRC1000micro a button will not appear and you must manually cycle power when the message window says to do so.

    Also, the controller will only re-boot in Maintenance Mode and require the software re-build in certain cases.  If the controller does NOT re-boot into Maintenance Mode then the software upgrade is complete at this point and you are able to continue normal operations.

  • Brandon Frei

    I have made modifications to the article base on your comment.  All three areas of concern were addressed. Thank you for your feedback. 

  • William Kilbertus

    I have been looking all afternoon for some info about controller software upgrade for smart pendant and couldn't seem to find anything. I was wondering if it is even possible to do a software upgrade via smart pendant? Thank you


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